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Nourish food truck hits the streets of Great Falls

Lyndsay Gutierrez of Great Falls in her "Nourish" food truck
Posted at 4:06 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 11:58:42-04

GREAT FALLS — Lyndsay Gutierrez of Great Falls is taking her cooking skills to the streets of Great Falls in a food truck that she calls Nourish.

She sees this as an opportunity to give Great Falls a taste of something different, and she's already seeing success.

"It was kind of wild. We went from, I mean, I was doing classes and doing virtually and working on that. And food trucks were the thing we've talked about for years but never really set up. And I decided on a Friday morning, and the Heritage Inn posted something about letting food trucks come there. And so from Friday morning when I said, 'We're going to do a food truck,' 12 days later, we had our first opening day, sold out, killed it, like it went crazy. So it was a crazy couple of weeks," she said.

Some of her recent servings include ginger beef, Greek chicken, coconut chicken curry, and curry chicken salad.

She explained, "The basis of this is like a rice and potato hash bowl. And it means that we have a lot of flexibility based on what's in season, what I can get locally, what farmers are growing. And I can change out those elements and keep the base kind of thing."

Gutierrez says she will be at the IGA grocery store/Snyder Drug parking lot on Thursday for dinner service; they they ask you to watch their Facebook page for times and details on their next location.

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