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St. Thomas Child & Family Center receives cross

Posted at 10:47 PM, Oct 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-05 12:02:32-04

GREAT FALLS — The St. Thomas Child and Family Center in Great Falls unveiled a brand-new cross overlooking their gymnasium on Wednesday evening.

The Center, which is rooted in the Catholic faith and helped run by the Providence sisters, has notably been missing a cross for several years.

Now, courtesy of University of Providence student Stanislav Struthers, there won’t be any more questions.

“Just to see it up there, it's amazing. It's a type of satisfaction that you could see your work come to life that way,” says Struthers, who worked for two months on the 10-foot tall cross, in addition to several extracurriculars.

"I can't even explain it. It brings a warmth and a comfort. It just kind of is the cherry on top of the sundae, so to speak, that we we finally have a cross,” says Center director Carrie Doty.

St. Thomas Child & Family Center receives cross

Father Oliver of the University of Providence delivered a dedication, and helped lead hymns and prayers alongside the sisters and brothers of Providence.

Children enrolled at the center also aided, bringing flowers and candles to a table beneath the cross. Additionally, the cross was anointed by father Oliver.

The center intends to add a plaque next to the cross, honoring the efforts of Struthers, who has been a carpenter all his young life.