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Two new restaurants at Mise En Place

Posted at 6:07 PM, Apr 10, 2023

GREAT FALLS — The past few months, KRTV News has brought you stories of small restaurateurs with big time dreams from Mise En Place kitchens.

The ghost kitchen is phasing into food truck season, and many of the businesses currently occupying the space are moving out of the brick and mortar and onto four wheels.

“You're going to see us start popping up around town. Most of the time we're going to be on some form of private property. We are working with the city on getting the permits to be on city property,” says property manager Cassie Campbell.

This leaves a little extra room for two new startups, one called ‘A King's Kraving’ and the other, titled ‘Papo’s’.

One specializing in baked goods, the other in Latin cuisine and the passion is evident.

“My husband's been gone for about 15 years. We raised him, and we taught him how to have a good word work ethic. And this was his dream. And he would be so proud of us,” says Lydia Flores.

Her grandson, Anthony Taylor, loved to cook with his grandfather and now pursues this opportunity to fulfill a dream.

“I’ve been doing fast food my whole life. And I’ve been working for someone else. I finally made that decision that I want to work for myself,” says Taylor.

He still works as a manager at Hardee’s but works the bonus hours to keep his dream alive.

“Long days, long hours. My first week in here, I was up 25 hours that first day, did an overnight shift, got off, came here and I was here the whole night. But that's what it is. Running a business. You have to want to do it,” says Taylor.

Mise En Place is at 721 Sixth Street SW; click here to visit the Facebook page.

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