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Wanted: a new owner for 'honey hippo. Play Café'

Laura Ewalt on the hunt for someone to take over her business.
honey hippo. Play Café
Posted at 7:46 PM, Mar 19, 2024

The "honey hippo. Play Café" is ushering in a new era, with owner Laura Ewalt on the hunt for someone to take over her business and continue to build on the community space she created.

“The space is more than just a place for parents to bring their kids, it’s a community.” Ewalt says.

Three years ago, noticing a need for somewhere to take her young son where she could meet other moms, Ewalt opened ‘honey hippo. Play Café’, a coffee shop with an indoor playground where parents can meet and have playdates. The café also gives back to the community by working with local nonprofits and highlighting other small businesses by selling their products.

Ewalt is parting ways with the business to focus on her family and raising her son. She explains, “I just feel like it’s time for us in our life, my little guy is getting ready to start kindergarten and I’m just ready to make that transition with him, and it’s a lot of work, the business. I love it, but it just takes a lot of time, sometimes away from him so I’m just ready to take on that next chapter with him”.

Ewalt says she doesn’t want to give the café to just anyone, “I’m definitely looking for the right people to sell to. We’re truly looking for new owners to take on what we’ve brought to the community and to build it, build upon it. There’s so many more things that I feel like the space, the business, the new owners can provide to the community, and I hope that they just continue with what we’ve started and make it bigger”.

For more information, click here to visit the website; click here to visit the Facebook page.

Honey Hippo Play Cafe is at 325 1st Avenue North: