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Youth display talent at craft show in Great Falls

Youth display talent at craft show in Great Falls
Posted at 5:00 PM, Nov 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-05 19:25:19-04

On Saturday, Alliance For Youth in Great Falls hosted a Youth Craft Show for kids under the age of 20 to show off their handiwork.

Onlookers perused the wares which included intricate woodworked cutting boards, jewelry, crocheted octopi, and sewed blankets. The kids and teens came from Great Falls and the surrounding area to display their artwork and crafts.

“We go to Belt, and we’re neighbors,” says Kolin Halley, who makes up one part of ‘KEG’ which is comprised of three friends that make their own cutting boards.

Halley explained, “We buy the wood, cut it, and glue it together. Then we let it sit and sand it. Our dad helped us at first but now we’re at the point we can do it on our own.”

Most of the young artists sell via their social media pages but a couple of them have bigger aspirations.

“I currently have my Facebook page, but I want to start an Instagram and then eventually have my own website,” said Hannah Doyon.

“I want to open up a bakery and sell my cards, and jewelry from inside,” says calligraphist Ayla Polich.

Many of the artists can be found at farmers markets and craft shows, which will become increasingly popular as we get closer to the holidays.