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Nurse offering in-home vitamin infusion therapy

Tiffany Devereaux
Posted at 10:31 PM, Mar 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-15 12:17:17-04

Occasionally when a patient is sick and goes to get checked out, they can be prescribed vitamins. Now, some patients are being referred to long-time nurse Tiffany Devereaux, who's driving to people's houses to give them a different type of treatment.

It's been around for a while but is new to Great Falls - vitamin infusion therapy.

Devereaux has more than a decade's worth of experience in the healthcare industry. She's now using that experience and her graduate degree to offer in-home vitamin infusion therapy with her new business Treasure State Hydrate. She got the idea to start a business with it after getting an infusion herself.

"It kind of came to my head one day after I woke up not feeling the greatest. As I was laying there, getting my infusion, I was like, you know, this would be a cool business."

She'll spend about an hour at a patient's home delivering vitamins through an IV, something Devereaux feels passionate about and has enjoyed doing this since she started back in January.

"It's still very brand new, and I'm still trying to educate people on vitamin infusions and the benefits of it," Deveraux said. "There's most definitely a knowledge gap. I think it's going to be very beneficial. It's just about trying to get people educated on infusions."

Although the business is new for Devereaux, her goal is the same - to help her patients as best as possible. Click here to visit the Facebook page.

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