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Montana Veteran Commendation recipients for 2023 announced

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Posted at 10:38 AM, Nov 10, 2023

GREAT FALLS — On Friday, November 10, 2023, Governor Greg Gianforte announced the recipients of the 2023 Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation.

Relying on nominations from Montanans, the Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation recognizes outstanding Montana veterans who have served our country in uniform and made a positive impact in their community.

The 36 recipients of the 2023 commendation will be honored in 2024 with an award ceremony and receive a special commemorative flag flown over the Montana State Capitol in their honor.

2023 Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation Recipients:

  • Joseph Murnion of Jordan – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Charles Noland of Worden – U.S. Army, 1969-2007
  • Melvin Kieinger of Butte – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Robert Chansler of Butte – U.S. Marine Corps, 1983-1987
  • Daniel Kohr of Butte – U.S. Army, 1968-1982
  • Gordon Doig of White Sulphur Springs – U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam War
  • Jason Burr of Red Lodge – U.S. Army, 1990-2005
  • Dustin Andersen of Kalispell – U.S. Marine Corps, 2003-2007
  • Thomas Bianco of Fortine – U.S. Army, 1984-1991
  • Carlos Diaz of Simms – U.S. Army, 2001-2022
  • Jerry Erickson of Troy – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Sean Gifford of Three Forks – U.S. Army, 1999-2020
  • Gerald “Jerry” Glaser of Glendive – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Joseph Gusik of Great Falls – U.S. Army, 1950-1953
  • Roger Hagan of Great Falls – U.S. Air Force, 1968-2006
  • Richard Hardy of Stevensville – U.S Navy, Vietnam War
  • Melvin "Fitch" Hons of Scobey – U.S. Air Force, 1963-1967
  • Clinton “Clint” Jacobs of Culbertson – U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam War
  • Chante Japp of Wolf Point – U.S. Army, 2007-2013
  • James R. Johnson of Kalispell – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Lonnie Johnson of Plentywood – U.S. Army, 1992-1999
  • Nicholas Jones of Belgrade – U.S. Marine Corps, 2010-2021
  • Mike Lowry of Helena – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Webb Mandeville of Columbus – U.S. Army, 1972-1974
  • Mahlon Manson of Alberton – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Lori Anne Mathieu of Somers – U.S. Coast Guard, 1985-2023
  • David McCann of Helena – U.S Navy, Vietnam War
  • Charles Neal of Helena – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Eric Peterson of Great Falls – U.S. Air Force, 1980-2018
  • Bob L. Radcliffe of Townsend – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • Richard Reed of Victor – U.S. Marine Corps, 1991-2022
  • Stephen Sirois of Sunburst – U.S. Army, 2002-2005
  • Karl Swartz of Miles City – U.S. Army, 1994-2019
  • Thomas Teasdale of Anaconda – U.S. Army, Vietnam
  • Henry Tuell III of Red Lodge – U.S. Army, Vietnam War
  • John Zeitz of Lolo – U.S. Army, 1998-2012

Gianforte said in a news release: “While we can never fully repay them, we can say thank you to our veterans who served our country in uniform and continue to serve their communities – that’s what the Montana Governor’s Veteran Commendation is all about. I look forward to meeting with each of these 36 veterans in their communities to honor their lives of service and say thank you.”
Thirty-one veterans received the award in 2021 and 51 received the award in 2022.