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MAGIE gets underway in Great Falls

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Posted at 7:13 PM, Jan 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-21 12:24:04-05

GREAT FALLS — The Montana Agricultural & Industrial Exhibit, known as MAGIE, is now underway in Great Falls, featuring all facets of agriculture, equipment, and technology.

Randy Bodgen, Ag director for radio station KMON, said, "Agriculture is the base of our country, and when agriculture is doing well, the country is doing well, and we know it very well here in north central Montana as Great Falls is definitely an agricultural town and relies on agriculture."

Kurt Wiggers, Ag salesman for Tilleman Equipment, a sponsor of the event, said, "What the MAGIE allows is it allows the chance to have that face-to-face interaction, to visit with a customer, to let them have that hands-on experience maybe with a new piece of equipment or a new type of technology. Part of that building process on them aquring the information they need to make a good decision on up-eting a piece of equipment or maybe changing something in their operation.

While MAGIE has been in existence for more than four decades, it always brings in new faces who are aiming to kick start their business.

IND Hemp is one of the new members of this year's MAGIE event. The company's role is to turn hemp into new food ranging from oils to seeds, and they are aiming to not only sell their products, but to also add jobs in Fort Benton.

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Logan Tweet of IND Hemp said, "We're really just excited to educate the industry, specifically farmers and ranchers and provide them with a different rotation crop that's going to help them make it through the ups and downs of the commodity market."

Boss 406 also joined MAGIE for the first time. Based in Toston, Boss 406 specializes in trenching and spring development and are looking to promote their business with different vendors.

Bridger Deschamps of Boss 406 said, "This is our first time at the MAGIE, there's a lot of cool vendors out here so I'd recommend stopping by and checking them out. So far I'm loving it. First time doing it, it's been fun, fun experience."

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While some may be looking to kickstart their businesses, others are no stranger to MAGIE such as Henke Enterprise out of Chester Montana, who have been a part of MAGIE for seven years.

Brett Henke stated, "It's just good to see everyone. See past customers, potential future customers. It's just a fun time to see everyone, get to talk a little farming, it's just a good time."

The MAGIE continues on Friday from 9AM to 5PM and Saturday from 9AM to 4PM.

Tickets are $5 at the door, but can be picked up from vendors or at the 560 KMON studio at 914 13th Avenue South at no cost.

Click here to visit the MAGIE website.