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Montana Farmers Union hosts forum to address issues of concern

Milk River Project
Posted at 7:32 PM, Mar 09, 2022

GREAT FALLS — Montanans were able to voice their concerns and talk about key issues going on in the state as part of a webinar hosted in part by the Montana Farmers Union on Wednesday afternoon.

The discussion focused on President Joe Biden’s agenda following his state of the union address and how it will affect Montana families.

Officials from around the state spoke about topics being addressed, including the ability for farmers and ranchers to repair their own equipment, and water supply.

With much of the state experiencing severe drought right now, water is a big concern.

Liberty County commissioner Maureen Wicks spoke on the importance of water supply and how the Hi-Line and other nearby communities have projects to maintain water access.

“Focus on water. We’re going through a drought right now and water has never been more important. The American rescue plan and the response to the infrastructure bill, both these plans have given us access to money that can help with the Saint Mary canal on the Milk River, bringing water to farmers and communities that need it. These are long term projects that are so necessary to keep our towns viable. It’s time that we look at these resources and invest in them.”

Montana Farmers Union president Walter Schweitzer spoke about creating more transparency and easing the lives of rural farmers and ranchers via area and infrastructure bill funding: “The USDA has announced more livestock market reports that is creating more transparency in the marketplace. The FTC is looking into making rules that will give us the right to repair our own equipment. And that’s what’s so great about these investments that’s coming from the ARPA dollars, that’s coming from the infrastructure dollars is it is investment in rural America.”

They also added that ARPA and infrastructure bill funding will help many Montanans and address key issues in the state.