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'Bob the Butcher' sets up shop in Wolf Creek

Posted at 5:03 PM, Jan 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-08 19:06:59-05

Originally from Hawaii, Robert Neilson (Bob the Butcher), saw a need in the Wolf Creek area between Great Falls and Helena for quality game processing and decided to set up shop.

“I was born and raised in Hawaii, and I got into this industry because I love to hunt and fish,” Neilson said. “When I went to Lanai and on Maui, I was a guide for outfitters, basically, and so I would take people hunting and at the time I would be so far from the truck that I would butcher your meat in the field.”

A seasoned butcher, Neilson has more than 25 years of experience. His passion for wild game and high-quality meat cuts are what sets him apart from other wild game processing businesses.

Bob the Butcher’s unique technique has caught the eye of several well-known hunting channels and ranches from around the nation.

“We started attracting people from all over the world and they started telling us, ‘Bob, what you're doing to meat, no one has done’, and I didn't believe them. I thought, you know, they're just giving me a bunch of hype. We've had everybody from Joe Rogan, Jim Shockey, several other hunting channels, and a lot of publications. I mean, I'm very proud that I'm one of two people that have been put in ‘Field and Stream’ from Hawaii.”

He said community in Montana has been incredibly welcoming to him and that he is excited to see his business continue to grow.

“We cater to the community and to outfitters in the area because there's a limited amount of game processors, and so what we do is basically a customer will shoot a deer, an elk or antelope or geese, whatever it is, and we'll take that and turn that into magic is what we're going to do.”

Bob the Butcher will be open for the remainder of the shoulder season through February 15th for all wild game processing needs. Click here to visit the website.