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Couple walking across the U.S. reach Montana

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jun 27, 2024

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS — A couple from Missouri have a goal to walk through every state in the lower 48.

Paige and Torin - known by their social media handle "Walking America Couple" - are in leg three of a five-leg, cross-country journey.

They’ve already traversed through 21 states, and on Thursday, their journey brought them to just outside White Sulphur Springs.

“Even out here in the more rural open space, we still make a lot of friends on the side of the road. People often stop and ask what we're doing, or stop to see if we need water or food,” says Paige.

Each leg takes the couple roughly six months to one year, though they take short breaks in-between. They’re also completing the entire journey with their dog Jak.

“I think he loves the adventure more than we do,” Paige adds.

Through rain, shine, snow, and severe weather warnings, the couple have not been deterred, their purpose and mission propelling them.

“We would like to set the example that you can find contentment under almost any circumstance,” says Torin. “I started out the journey an incredibly cynical person, and it was through these repeated interactions of kindness with people that I had otherwise written off in the past, that my perspective began to change dramatically,” he adds.

Now, their journey is helping to spread the same happiness they’ve discovered to those they encounter on their journeys.

“We hope to be the example that we're, as humans, all more malleable than we think,” says Paige.

For more information, click here to visit their website.