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Moose still on the loose in Billings

Moose still on the loose in Billings (October 2022)
Chrissy Webb of FWP Region 5
Posted at 8:56 AM, Oct 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-12 10:58:39-04

BILLINGS — The moose that was first spotted on Saturday is still wandering in Billings.

"Right now our hope for the moose is that it finds its own way out of town, without too much interference," said Chrissy Webb, the Billings-based acting communication manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. "So that’s why we’re really hoping people stay away from the moose, give it plenty of space, and hopefully on his own he will just wander out of Billings and find a more suitable spot for him."

Webb says the last time a moose like this has been in the city was in 2016.

MTN News asked Webb why these moose sometimes wander into town, and she explains they're just trying to find a new home.

“It is typically young males that do this sort of wandering, and that’s typically linked to them trying to find their own territory. They’re just trying to find their own space as a young male moose, so that’s typically who we see wander into towns. Likely he was just wandering down our local drainages that are more moose habitat and just wandered a little too far and wandered into Billings,” Webb explains.

While many are wondering why FWP doesn't just tranquilize and relocate the animal, Webb explains that option can be dangerous for all parties involved.

"Just because of their really large size, that’s logistically challenging for FWP staff, law enforcement, and can also create some safety risks for humans in the area," Webb says. "Then for the moose itself, we are trying to avoid relocating the moose, just hoping he finds his own way out of town.”

In the meantime, Webb says FWP wants Billings residents to stay aware of the moose and always keep your distance.

"Moose are really unpredictable animals, to begin with, and this guy is obviously in a much more stressful situation than he normally would be in a natural habitat," Webb explains. "So that could be even more unpredictable.”


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