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New childcare facility opens in Fairfield

Eagle's Nest
Posted at 5:49 PM, Sep 28, 2023

In the video above, reporter Owen Skornik-Hayes visits Eagle's Nest, a new childcare facility in Fairfield, and talks with Theresa Burgmaier and Mindi Grassman.

Theresa Burgmaier of Fairfield, Montana, recently opened a childcare center in town called the Eagle’s Nest. In just her first week open, she’s already been slammed with work.

It’s work that Burgmaier loves. She’s been a teacher in Big Sandy, Great Falls, and Power, specializing for the most part in young children. She says this venture is an integration of her love for teaching and her community.

“Obviously day care is kind of unheard of in small town Montana. So, I thought, well, this is the perfect opportunity to provide a service to the community, but also to stick with my own passion of teaching and helping these little kids just flourish,” says Burgmaier, Eagle’s Nests’ director.

Teton County is extremely limited when it comes to providing childcare, with only a couple locations in Fairfield and one in Choteau. The opening of the Eagle’s Nest will help to not only allow parents to commute to work without their kids safely, but also attract those looking for work in town who need their kids watching.

“They have the hard draw to get people to come to these small towns to work is because of the daycare situation. They have nowhere to take their kids. It's great to have an incentive of, hey, there's a daycare here with some open spots if you need daycare for your children,” says Mindi Grassman, the assistant director at Eagle’s Nest.

Eagle's Nest is at 419 Central Avenue; click here to visit the Facebook page.