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The mayor of Conrad has resigned

Posted at 11:07 AM, Feb 05, 2024

GREAT FALLS — Jamie Miller, who’s been Conrad’s mayor since 2022, has announced her resignation. In November of 2023, Conrad’s city council unanimously voted to remove Miller from office over an obscure statute claiming a municipal office vacant if the official openly neglects or refuses to discharge their duties. But where do the allegations stem from?

Miller is documented to have had a dispute with Conrad police chief Ernest Padilla over overtime compensation, pay to which the mayor felt the police chief wasn’t entitled.

After a city attorney ruled with Padilla, Miller disputed the findings. An outside investigator was hired, claiming Miller’s disputes could put the town in legal trouble due to violations of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, after the investigator once again found Padilla’s compensation claims to be valid.

Miller disputed an initial attempt to thwart her from her seat. A dispute she won, under the fact that the council held a session to remove her without proper public notice and clarity.

Since then the Ninth District Court has ruled the city council has the right to re-vote on Miller’s mayoral status.

In response, Miller announced her resignation.