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Town of Cascade asks residents to support sidewalk grant proposal

Cascade, Montana town hall
Posted at 4:44 PM, Feb 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-11 12:37:36-05

Investing in sidewalks is essential in large cities, but schoolchildren and residents in smaller communities also rely on sidewalks to get to their destination safely.

The town of Cascade is asking residents to write letters of support to receive an additional round of funding that will help continue to expand and connect sidewalks throughout town.

Not only will the funding pay for new and replacement sidewalks, it will help with drainage issues and erosion of driveways and properties. The project will also aims to expand ADA accessibility throughout the community.

The proposed improvement include:
1. New/repair sidewalk on 4th Street North from 1st Avenue North to 2nd Avenue North to get kids safely to the school. This is also to connect sections of sidewalk already on this street.
2. Replace/repair sidewalk on 2nd Avenue North on the north side from Front Street to the Atkinson Park trailhead. Add curb and gutter where needed. Add curb and gutter to address existing drainage issues.
3. Add sidewalk on 1st Avenue North on the south side from 1st Street to Front Street.

Residents can send letters of support for the project to: Town of Cascade, PO Box 314, Cascade, Montana, 59421. They can also be emailed to:

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