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Leadership Great Falls works to help Alliance For Youth

Leadership Great Falls
Posted at 6:39 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 15:49:41-05

GREAT FALLS — Members of the Leadership Great Falls class of 2022 are working to help the Alliance For Youth.

Each class of Leadership Great Falls spends time working to help with a community project, and this year's class has chosen to help the Alliance For Youth by raising money to help with a commercial kitchen.

Sarah Cawley, the director of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, explained, "We have a lot of presentations from different non-profits around town. They all appealed to us and all really needed our support, but the Alliance for youth and Sober Life appealed to us a little bit more. Really helping with children of this town and the people that could use our assistance the most, especially financial wise for this project."

Leadership Great Falls will also use donations to provide a new van to help an Alliance For Youth group called Sober Life transport to and from programs.

Cawley said, "Sober Life is a local community organization, and they help bring the sober folk of this town together to create a community for sobriety to encourage them to continue forward in their mission in order to have a healthy and happy life with their family and friends, and themselves."

They say the end goal is for a group of young professionals to come together and make a difference in the community.

Chelsey Hutmacher, NeighborWorks Great Falls Resource & Communications Manager explained, "So many residents of Great Falls have been a part of Leadership Great Falls, and so we know that there are hundreds of alumni out there who have gone through this exact program and have also picked a special project to raise money and support for a local non-profit organization, and so as we look at the needs of the Great Falls community, we thought the vulnerability of so many youth in need was something that we wanted to focus on, and so Alliance for Youth and the Sober Life was the perfect project."

Alliance for Youth (AFY) is tackling childhood homelessness head-on and is looking to complete their commercial kitchen to be able to do something as simple as make a sandwich for a child who is hungry. Right now, AFY has the equipment needed, however, they need to bring the kitchen up to fire code, a project which will cost nearly $80,000. This class has a goal of $30,000 to bring in the final funding for the kitchen project.

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