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Mountain View students help fundraise for East Middle School football uniforms

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Posted at 6:21 PM, May 29, 2024

East Middle School has been raising money for long overdue new football uniforms, and thanks in part to Mountain View Elementary School, the team is now quickly approaching their fundraising goal.

Mountain View students help fundraise for East Middle School football uniforms

East Middle School has been using the same jerseys for their football team since 2005, which the team says were old, ill fitting, and even different shades of green. The new matching jerseys make them feel like more of a team and boosts the team morale.

Lucas Sterling, a football player at East Middle School, explains, “I feel like it also looks more organized when you come as a team, all matching all the same. And they're also better fitted. Makes them more professional. We're grateful for all this stuff and were able to raise this much money to get new jerseys. So just being able to get these is really, really appreciated.”

Through spirit weeks and a competition for which grade level could raise the most money, Mountain View students recently raised $1,450 to go towards East Middle’s fundraising goal. The third graders at Mountain View raised the most money, winning themselves an ice cream party and extra recess.

One sixth grader at Mountain View, Michael Schulte says, “I play football, and, like, I watched a couple of games this season. I kind of just realized that, like, they needed new jerseys. And the idea was brought up in one of our leadership meetings, and I was like, Yeah, I'd love to do that, I’d take that on.”

The athletics department had a fundraising goal of $11,500 dollars and reached out to numerous organizations within the community to help reach that final goal, like the Great Falls Youth Foundation and Great Falls High Football. East Middle School is currently around $3,000 short of their goal.

The Boys Athletics Director at East Middle School says, “It was overwhelming how many people wanted to help out and how many phone calls they got and text saying, ‘hey’, you know, ‘can we set up a meeting? Can we get something done for you?’.”

To donate to East Middle School Football, click here. Under ‘My Donation is For’ select ‘Restricted Other’ and list ‘East Middle School Football’ in the comments section.