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Old Bay Caramel Seasoning is a sweet and salty mix for popcorn, ice cream and more

Old Bay Caramel Seasoning Is A Sweet And Salty Mix For Popcorn, Ice Cream And More
Posted at 9:45 AM, Sep 20, 2022

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When you think of McCormick’s Old Bay Seasoning, chances are seafood comes to mind. Old Bay is a blend of spices that starts with black pepper, paprika, celery salt and red pepper flakes — but also seems to incorporate ginger, cinnamon, cloves and other flavors — and goes well on foods like crab, fish or chicken. The brand is mixing things up this fall, however, launching a new seasoning for all your autumn treats.

New Old Bay Caramel Seasoning creates a sweet and salty mix by adding a caramel flavor to the original blend of 18 herbs and spices. McCormick suggests using the seasoning to make Old Bay Caramel popcorn and Old Bay Caramel ice cream or sprinkling it on coffee, apple cider, pizza or sweet potato fries.

Of course, you can also treat it like original Old Bay seasoning by sprinkling it on chicken or seafood. McCormick even offers a Sweet and Savory Salmon recipe that calls for sprinkling the seasoning right on top.

Made in small batches and only around for a limited time, the Old Bay Caramel Seasoning is available for $6 exclusively online, alongside some other fun McCormick seasonings like S’mores, Chocolate & Strawberry Sugar and Crème Brûlée. While currently sold out, a McCormick representative tells Simplemost it will be restocked.


You’ll also find tons of recipes that call for original Old Bay Seasoning, but can instead use Old Bay Caramel Seasoning for a fall twist. Try it with this Old Bay Snack Mix, Old Bay Hot Chocolate and Old Bay Glazed Pumpkin Seeds.

The Old Bay Glazed Pumpkin Seeds are a great way to use up the seeds after carving a jack-o’- lantern for Halloween and are easy to make. Simply wash the seeds and combine them with sugar, one egg white and the Old Bay Caramel Seasoning. You’ll then bake the seeds for a fun fall treat!

If you can’t get your hands on the caramel seasoning, you can try combining original Old Bay Seasoning with another caramel seasoning, like this Sweet Caramel from Wabash Valley Farms or this Lane’s Chocolate Sea-Salt Caramel Seasoning.


Will you be ordering some Old Bay Caramel Seasoning once it’s back in stock?

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