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Great Falls cleaning service takes a hit due to COVID-19 restrictions

Posted at 7:52 AM, Apr 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 09:58:14-04

GREAT FALLS — Despite being an essential business, Cascade Cleaning Services has seen a dramatic decline in their clients since COVID-19 restrictions took effect last month. Since then, nearly half of Cascade Cleaning Services’ clients have temporarily stopped their services.

“I would say probably 40 percent of my clients are on hold right now until this goes away,” owner Kayla Worth said.

Worth believes that’s partly due to fear of cleaning safety and a lack of move-out cleans - a key source of her income this time of year. “People don’t like to move during the winter so they’ll wait til it’s nice and spring and then I usually get very busy at that time, but not right now,” Worth said.

Worth said due to the overwhelming need for aid, independent contractors and small business owners like her can’t get the financial support they need.

Fortunately, Worth’s remaining 60 percent of clients have kept her in business. “I am blessed to have the clients that I do have. They’ve been real good to me. And then the clients that have kind of dropped while this passes - some have paid for cleans in advance, you know to kinda secure their spot,” Worth said.

Worth said the majority of her remaining clients are essential workers. “Most of them I'm still going to are essential workers themselves. So they’re very busy right now and they need help with their homes,” Worth said.

Since many of those workers are on the front lines or in contact with vulnerable populations, Worth does her best to be sanitary while cleaning homes. “I do automatically always just wear a mask and gloves just so that they know I'm aware of what’s going on. you know i want them to feel safe and make sure they know I'm there to clean and I'll be as protective as possible,” Worth said.

While she waits for business to return, Worth will continue to serve her community to the best of her ability. “When I come in there I make sure everything is clean. You know, it might give them a little peace of mind that...I’m right behind them cleaning,” Worth said, “You just keep trying and be grateful for the clients that you do have and hope that this passes.”

If you’d like to schedule a cleaning with Cascade Cleaning Services, you can contact them at 406-899-0043, or visit the Facebook page.