Blackfeet tribe boasts 95% vaccination rate; may offer vaccine to tourists

Blackfeet Reservation
Blackfeet Tribe spokesperson James McNeely
1 Year: How COVID has affected the Blackfeet Reservation
Posted at 3:46 PM, Mar 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-29 17:47:23-04

BROWNING — By late spring 2021, the Blackfeet Tribe may start offering COVID-19 vaccines to tourists coming to Glacier National Park.

As of Monday, about 95 percent of the tribe had at least their first COVID shot.

Tribe spokesperson James McNeely estimated that about 75 percent of tribal members had received either both of the two-dose shots, or the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot, and are now fully vaccinated.

"By the time middle May rolls around, we probably will be at 100 percent fully vaccinated so we're looking to the future as to how we're going to test. We're going to keep testing. Maybe if tourists come in and we still have the vaccine and they haven't gotten theirs and they want one, that's a possibility,” said McNeely.

The tribe has all three vaccines: Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer.

As of Monday, there was only one active case of the virus on the reservation and that person was not hospitalized.

The reservation has been hit hard by the pandemic, with 1,385 recorded cases since March 15, 2020. There have been 47 deaths due to COVID (40 counted on reservation, two counted in county, two counted outside of county, three counted out of state, all were tribal/community members).