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Opportunities Inc. continues to help people with rides

Posted at 7:27 PM, May 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-25 01:55:25-04

GREAT FALLS — Opportunities Inc. has several services to help the community in and around Great Falls, and one particular area they have been focusing on is helping people with rides.

They have aided 55 people with getting to their jobs, in 29 different destinations.

We spoke with Karla Seaman, the executive director of Opportunities Inc., and it means a lot to them to help the community during a time like this.

"I knew, just, people needed to get to work the next day, and there is just so much on people's plate during this time, and I have also just seen a rise on anxiety levels with all the uncertainty, that we just wanted to take one thing off their plate, and if they needed to get to work, we could get them to work," says Seaman.

She also explained the need for these rides right now.

"You can see the demand, and some individuals once we started giving them rides, they were able then to coordinate rides with coworkers, but a majority of these individuals have no other way to get to work," says Seaman.

She said it's just a phone call away to see if you can get approved for the process. "We have a system that we set up with BlackedOut 406, and they need to contact us at Opportunities Incorporated, and they request a ride. Then we have someone that will visit with them, talk about what their needs are. And then if approved, we have an approval system that we do with BlackedOut taxi, so that they know it's an approved ride by our organization."

Click here to visit the Opportunities, Inc. page on Facebook, or call them at 761-0310 .

In related news, the Great Falls Transit District says that it will resume fixed route bus services on June 1st. Regular bus service was suspended on March 17 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Great Falls Transit says that with the resumption of bus service, passengers will be required to supply and wear a mask/facial covering while on board.

The agency also said that "passengers with a cough or fever are asked to NOT use our services and report to your medical provider for treatment." In addition, they said that June monthly passes will sold at half-price.

For more information, visit the Great Falls Transit website, or call 727-0382.