Game Changers (Monday, October 16, 2023)

Posted at 6:59 PM, Oct 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-16 20:59:29-04

Folks, it’s here - the final week of the regular season.. but of course Game Changers will run all the way through the playoffs, so we’re still just getting warmed up…

But let’s jump right into number five.. Roy-WInifred at DGSG.. Bodie Donsboch takes the screen.. and just scoffs at the tacklers in his path.. he’s gone for the first score of the game.. But the Outlaws fall 36-18..

No. 4.. Absarokee at Bridger.. Trysten Phillips for the Huskies. Breaks one.. two.. three tackles and gets loose for a touchdown.. But it’s Bridger picking up the 69-28 win..

At No. 3.. Billings Central and Lockwood in Class A… Rams back up to their own two.. Adam Balkenbush just looking to push the pile.. but no one wraps up and he breaks free! Nothing but space in front of him, 98 yards for the touchdown.. Central wins 29-8 to clinch the top seed in the East..

At No. 2.. west at Gallatin. Gallatin’s Quinn Clark showing why he's the top ranked recruit in Montana catches the short pass, then puts two West defenders on skates. The juke inside breaks four ankles as Gallatin claims the two seed in the east.. 27-6..

At No. 1.. we head west to Washington Grizzly Stadium.. Arlee vs. Valley Christian.. both teams undefeated.. Arlee’s Jace Arca ust kind of picks it up and he starts breaking tackles a lot of them basically the entire team and he goes to the house huge touchdown as the Warriors 34 25 to win the eight man west.

When the playoffs start, there’s going to be more games than we can get to.. so please keep those smart phones rolling and send us any plays or moments that make your jaw drop.. to