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Weekly Wags: meet Cloud

Weekly Wags: meet Cloud
Jacquie Ricks
Weekly Wags: meet Cloud
Posted at 7:55 AM, Apr 19, 2021

GREAT FALLS — Cloud is a domestic short hair female black cat who has called the Great Fall Animal Shelter home since August of 2020. “She’s a bit of a sassy diva. She likes love on her own terms and when she’s done being pet she’ll let you know,” said Jacquie Ricks, Great Falls Animal Shelter Kennel Tech.

Weekly Wags: meet Cloud

Cloud may be a sassy diva now but she had a rough start coming into the shelter. Staff believes Cloud was attacked before she was found as she had several large wounds on her back end and lower abdominal area.

“Due to that injury she doesn’t like to be touched on the stomach or the back end very much. She’s really not big on being picked up or kind of carried around. Though she doesn’t like to be picked up she does enjoy climbing and has the high probability of becoming a shoulder cat. She has done that to us numerous times, jumped out of the kennel and climbed right up on the shoulders,” said Ricks.

Cloud had surgery on her injuries and after months of recovery and staff waiting on her hand and foot, the shelter says she’s as good as new. Now Cloud is ready to find a home best suited for to be patient with a shy feline, that means a home where she can be a single pet or if in a family environment a home with older children that will understand her boundaries.

“She’s shy at first but then once she opens up she’s very playful and very curious. I think she would be a little too scared of active or busy households she is very playful and affectionate when she wants to be but because of her injury, she’s still learning to trust humans. She was kind of stuck here for a long time in the healing process and while she is used to being waited on hand and foot we do need to do some trust builidng with her and her new family,” said Ricks.

The center is located at 900 25th Avenue NE, and the phone number is 406-727-7387; click here to visit the website to find an adoptable pet or for more information.