Obituary: Sydney Rose McLeod

November 18, 2005 ~ June 5, 2024
Sydney Rose McLeod
November 18, 2005 ~ June 5, 2024
Posted at 4:29 PM, Jun 17, 2024

Sydney Rose McLeod, 18, passed away on Wednesday, June 5, 2024. Sydney was born in Conrad, Montana on November 18, 2005. Her parents, Charles McLeod and Jessica Fritz, Eve Swenson raised Sydney and her siblings in Montana for their entire upbringing.

Sydney got her first job working at Domino’s at 16 years old. She advanced in her position fairly quickly and made managerial status a year into being there. She ultimately stopped working to focus on her education. She attended Great Falls High School and graduated on Saturday, June 1, 2024 alongside her fellow classmates.

You’d swear Sydney’s headphones were apart of her. She loved listening to music and had a very diverse taste. Everyone that heard her playlist had compliments to pass her way. If they complained about it she’d just crank it up louder and say don’t listen then.

Sydney was a fan of various different artforms, including the culinary arts. She practiced new recipes and loved to try new dishes whenever the opportunity arose. Her favorite way to cook though was by taste and smell always in charge of holiday dinners.

She had a very distinct style, specifically anything with a skull print. If it wasn’t skulls, it was Lilo and Stitch. She loved that show and the message it sends. Mostly, she loved that it emphasized the importance of family.

Sydney is survived by her parents, Charles McLeod, Jessica Fritz, and Eve Swenson; her sisters, Kadence Horton, Tara Fritz, Madison McLeod, Serenity McLeod, and Amber Coulter ; her brothers, Tim Benton, Zack Benton, and Justin McLeod; her grandparents, Wanda Beebe, Richard Swenson, and Penne Swenson, Karla Fritz, Karla McLeod; James and Jeannie Christianson were also among those she considered her grandma and papa, and her nephew and best friend, Ryder Fritz; her uncles, Sam McLeod, Fred McLeod, Grady Goodwin, Kyle Swenson, and Shadeau Fritz; also her aunts, Naomi Swenson, Nisha Swenson, Barbie McLeod and Mariah Marlett; her cousins, Jeramiah Swenson, Ryan Kitzmiller, Nicole Hammer, Remington Marlett, Jathen McLeod, Angel McLeod, and Alice McLeod.

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