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Odd Jobs: Coffee Roaster

Posted at 4:12 PM, Apr 03, 2024

In the video above, James Rolin continues his "Odd Jobs" series - this time talking with Jason VanHoy, a coffee roaster at Morning Light in Great Falls.

    Jason explained, “The first popping is when you start losing the outer husk and the beans start to expand and start to release CO2 and gas and stuff like that. And that's when you start getting acidity of your coffee that comes out and more of the aroma. And then as it gets into the second popping, that's what starts releasing more of the oils and stuff within the bean. And then it expands even more. And that's usually more of a medium roast when you get into that second popping pretty good.”

    The total roasting process takes about 30 minutes and produces roughly 26 pounds of finished coffee. From there it is packaged and shipped out to consumers all over the Northwest.