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Odd Jobs: Corporate Chaplain

Posted at 5:00 PM, Apr 09, 2024

In the video above, James Rolin continues his "Odd Jobs" series - this time talking with Jeff Lauver, a corporate chaplain.

Mental health care access in Montana can be quite challenging with hundreds of miles between towns. It can take a very special person to be able to reach out to their community and truly do some good. In this episode of Odd Jobs, I meet with Jeff Lauver, a corporate chaplain who has a job very similar to his military counterparts, but for the civilian sector.

In the military the Chaplain is a crucial part of the esteem of the organization. While not common in corporate America, Chaplains can now play an important role in supporting employees.

While many people think of chaplains as a religious entity, Jeff makes it very clear that is not why they're here

Jeff explained the difference: “If their need is a spiritual need, then they can they can come to me with that. If what their need is, is just parenting advice, then we just talk that way, you know, and just and just go along that route. It's the idea is just caring so that the religious portion of it is completely up to the individual that I'm speaking with. It's really on call 24/7. Life really doesn't happen from 9 to 5. Like, that's just that's really the truth and so I'm just available for them whenever needed. So I build relationships with people in order to care for them in their moments of need.”

If you’d like more information about corporate chaplains, click here to visit the website.