Obituary: Jacqueline Carmen Perbil

October 29, 1927 - May 16, 2024
Jacqueline Carmen Perbil
October 29, 1927 - May 16, 2024
Posted at 9:04 AM, May 26, 2024

Jacqueline Carmen Perbil, aged 96, passed away on May 16, 2024, in Great Falls, Montana. She is survived by two sons, Norman and Daniel Perbil.

She was born Jacqueline Carmen Gorrie to Raoule Gorrie and Eveline Gorrie (Godin) on October 29, 1927, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with two nieces, a nephew, and many second, third, and fourth cousins still living in eastern Canada.

Her husband, Karl Heinz Perbil, immigrated to Canada from Belgium in 1952 and married Jacqueline on August 9, 1954 (his 25th birthday). They had three children, Norman, Carol, and Daniel. Jacqueline and Karl celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary surrounded by family in Seattle, Washington, before he passed away in 2005. Tragically, Carol passed away about one year later.

Being the quintessential hardworking legal American immigrant family, Karl and Jackie sold everything and moved their new young family to Southern California in 1963—partly due to their youngest son Daniel’s medical condition of chronic croup but mostly for a better life. Jackie and Karl had a dream to raise their children in the prosperous United States that they had heard so much about as children.

Karl, the Executive Chef, and Jacqueline, the waitress and partner, were entrepreneurs and worked in the hospitality industry all their lives. Karl’s vocation took them to several places including Southern California, Northern California, Kentucky, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and finally, Palm Springs, where they eventually retired. Even then, they could not resist opening a restaurant called “Jackie’s Oasis” in their retirement community. Having owned and operated several restaurants over their years together, they always developed a loyal following.

Jackie and Karl loved to travel and went on many cruises. They visited Canada, Europe, many places in the United States, and several islands, always returning with great stories of their adventures.

It wasn’t until after her ninetieth birthday that Jackie could no longer take care of herself, so she moved to Montana to live with her youngest son and his family. Leaving her frail and beloved Chihuahua, Boogie Woogie, with a trusted friend was the most challenging part of leaving. Despite Jackie’s advanced age, she enjoyed beautiful moments with family for all the holidays, birthdays, rodeos, parades, and even a trip to Oregon for her youngest grandson, Christian’s wedding to Kayla that included a vacation with all her family in a beach house.

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